Kay's Cookery offers classes in healthy cooking styles and includes the regional recipes, techniques and tips for the use of herbs and spices which she learnt with Gary Rhodes in India.

The school also features International Cuisine, such as Thai Cooking, baking and specialised courses for those with food allergies. Courses are delivered in a unique style, which is best described as learning how to cook by feel, taste and smell, rather than a reliance on set recipes.

The classes are hands on cooking in a fully equipped domestic style teaching kitchen, which unlike other schools means that it is easy to relate what you have learnt to your own kitchen at home. The classes are informal, fun and most of all you get to cook and take dishes home to enjoy with friends and family.

The classes range from the novice cook to those who are more advanced and want to learn more or deepen their understanding of herbs, spices and cooking methods. Each course is tailored around the experience of those who attend, to encourage people to learn about the key skills they need to be able to re-create the dishes at home.

Courses are structured but delivered in a fun and relaxed atmosphere and have been enjoyed by many people, please see testimonials.

Indian - Learn The Basics

This half day course will introduce you to the key spices and ingredients that go into Indian food - it will demystify Indian cooking which is simple, nutritious and packed full of flavour.

Classes start with a hot drink and chance to meet the other participants.

Learn about herbs, spices and key ingredients.

Cook your own Indian meal in a choice of vegetarian or meat with a side dish of rice - take home to try with friends and family. Free spices will be given for you to use at home to practice the dishes.

Ring to book a place, payment in advance.
Classes run for 4 hours 10am till 2pm.
Price £99 per person, which includes all ingredients and spices.

Indian Regional Cooking - To Impress!

Start with a drink to meet the other students.

Cook a dish and enjoy with your fellow students for lunch.

After lunch you will cook a further one to two dishes to take home and enjoy with family/friends.

Learn the cooking techniques and dishes from regions around India. You will learn about spices and ingredients appropriate to that region. By the end of the day you will have learnt about herbs, spices, key ingredients to perfect dishes. Kay's Cookery will share with you an understanding that although the same herbs and spices might be used in a variety of dishes it is the order and interplay of these ingredients that create different tastes and textures. As with any Kay's Cookery course you then take home samples to enjoy with friends and family.

Sample sessions include dishes from the Punjabi, Bengali, Royal, Parsi regions.

Ring to book a place, payment in advance.
Full day course of 6 hours 10am till 4pm.
Price £145 per person, which includes all ingredients and spices.

Personalised Tuition / Cookery Party

Kay's Cookery School comes to your home and teaches you and your friends/family how to cook a three course meal, in the style of your choice. The experience is just like having a cookery party and works like this:

  • You pick the menu
  • We bring the ingredients
  • We also bring along home-made dips to enjoy at the start of the session ~ for your guests to nibble on
  • You provide the kitchen
  • You and your friends/family watch, learn and help if they want
  • Eat and Enjoy the whole experience
  • Price per person depends on the menu you select but there is a minimum spend of £35 per person, with a minimum of 6 participants or £210 minimum spend.
  • Sample Menu:
  • Starter: Tom Yum Soup
  • Main: Red Thai Curry with Jasmine Rice
  • Desert: Thai Bananas in Coconut Milk

Specialist - Gluten-Free Healthy Eating & Baking

These classes are based on learning specialised techniques and recipes:
  • Gluten Free Cooking
  • International Taster - Thai Cookery
  • Desserts and Cakes

Start the day with a drink and meet your fellow students.

Learn about ingredients and techniques.

For a full-day course you will cook a meal for lunch to enjoy and then in the afternoon cook further dishes to take home.

In the half day course you will cook and take home samples to enjoy with friends and family.

Sample dishes include: Red Thai Curry; Home made Fish Cakes, Courgette and Sweetcorn Fritters with Sweet Chilli Sauce, Wheat-free Muffins and much more ...

Ring to book a place, payment in advance.
Full or half day course, includes all ingredients.

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