Kalwant Sahota has been cooking for friends and family since an early age. She has learnt a unique approach to Indian and British cookery through years of experience, meeting the demands of an ever growing army of hungry regulars to her classes and home! Her cookery philosophy is based on healthy eating and this has led her to develop a wide variety of dishes that are both easy to prepare and healthy. She takes traditional dishes and brings them up to date with less fat and sugar content, also creating versions without gluten.

This passion to cook has blossomed over the last few years, through her cookery courses based in the local community. She has been helping people regain their cookery skills and build their confidence, through a series of five week courses run in conjunction with Dormers Wells Trust.

Gary Rhodes In India
Photo courtesy of UKTV Food © 2007
Recently Kalwant had the amazing opportunity to work with TV Chef Gary Rhodes. She was selected out of an array of applicants to go to India for five weeks and learn about regional Indian Cooking. Gary Rhodes' programme, Rhodes Across India, was featured on "UKTV Food"; it showcased the best of traditional Indian food.

Working alongside Gary Rhodes, with regional Indian chefs, has refined Kalwant's expertise in Indian / Asian cooking. Upon return, they re-created these dishes in a successful banquet held in London's West End.

Kay's Cookery is Kalwant's new project. It builds upon her previous classes in healthy cooking styles. But now includes the techniques and tips for the use of herbs and spices which she learnt with Gary Rhodes.

Kay's Cookery was launched on 18 September 2007 by Atul Kochher, a Michelin star chef. He is the owner and chef of Benares Restaurant in Mayfair, one of London's best Indian restaurants. He launched Kay's Cookery School and endorses Kalwant's healthy cooking approach to recipes in her classes.

For further details on her courses contact Kay's Cookery on 07939 068632 or email

We look forward to seeing you at Kay's Cookery School in the near future.

Kalwant Sahota